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Animal Assisted
Play Therapy™ 
Training In The UK

Why THESE workshops? Because of our unique and acclaimed focus on therapist animal relationships & animal well-being, use of humour and play to enhance top-notch integrative therapy, and lots of hands-on skill-building experiences taught by highly experienced instructors!! Plus, it is the first big step toward full certification. More Information at

Level 1 Training:

Goal Areas & Applications

AAPT has wide applicability and can be used by therapists using all theoretical orientations. There are directive and nondirective forms of it, with interventions that involve differing levels of structure. AAPT has been used with most major client problem areas, including attachment and trauma problems, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, behavior issues, attention and learning challenges, relationship problems, and with those who have histories of harming animals. AAPT is an empowerment approach, focusing on building strengths while resolving difficulties. It is ideal for families, and also has been used with businesses and organizations. Primary mental health goal areas include (1) self-efficacy, (2) attachment and relationship, (3) empathy, (4) self-regulation, and (5) specific problem resolution. Several research studies have been completed and others are ongoing.

Training & Certification

The International Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy ™  offers online courses, in-person hands-on workshops, and a full certification program. Live skill-building trainings are offered regularly in the USA, UK, Australia, and in other countries at times. AAPT training has been shown through a doctoral dissertation study to be very effective in building therapist self-efficacy, and has been described by many as "the best training I have ever received." The acclaimed AAPT certification program is based on demonstrated competencies acquired through considerable training, relationship work with one's animals, and supervised experience. It is intended for those who are practicing professionals in their fields, although students are welcome. The full manual is at

Competencies include the following:

•professional therapy skills •animal ethology/behavior/socialization/humane training •animal handling •play therapy skills •fluency in understanding animal body language •professional ethics •relationship building •splitting attention/observation skills •animal welfare •facilitation of client-animal interactions


Level 1: 2024: April 7th - 10th

visit our International website for details:

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